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Lingzhi and You Chart
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Disease: Paralysis 
Age: 18 years old
Masuta City, Japan

      In the summer of 2001, a 17-year-old girl in Masuta City, Japan was confined to a wheelchair. Due to physical weakness, she could only crawl unless aided by a wheelchair or walking stick. She could barely push herself along a tatami floor with her frail, emaciated arms, and she looked like a third or fourth grader. She was nevertheless an outstanding student at her high school, and was a talented pianist and flutist. 
      After she applied for sponsorship from Shuang Hor's Japanese sales subsidiary, the company provided free Lingzhi and pollen for her use. She experienced an intensely painful reaction throughout her body after one month, and then felt the first itchiness in her hands and feet that had ever occurred in her 17 years of life. Her mother was extremely moved by these events (her father had passed away in 2000). 
      After a half year, the girl no longer had to use a cane. She was able to walk up to the podium, share her joy and experiences, and play the flute for everyone. She is indeed a lovely young "child of Lingzhi."




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